Read about one of Oh Baby’s very own clients journey to motherhood, and about her experience with us!
Sending all the Love to this now Mama of 3! Take a read!

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If you haven’t already heart the good news, we’re expecting baby number three! My husband is pretty adamant about this being our very last addition, but I’m not totally convinced. I knew for well over a week that I was more than likely pregnant, but waited until I was absolutely sure that mother nature wasn’t coming before I took a test. Without hesitation, those two little blue lines popped up clear as day. There is no doubt about it that we are over the moon excited to welcome 10 tiny fingers and toes into our family but I would be lying if I said I weren’t a little nervous. Spencer is a wild child and has given us all a run for our money and, not to mention, she is only 16 months old which means we will have two under two when the baby arrives.

A little back story: Pregnancy for me hasn’t always been easy in the past. Gabe and I have been together for just shy of eight years and married for three. Khloe had just turned one when we tied the knot and spencer was born just before our second wedding anniversary. Before I became pregnant with Khloe, I unexpectedly got pregnant and miscarried very early. It was then that they told me I would likely not conceive or hold a pregnancy. Not too long after I became pregnant with Khloe and our first rainbow baby was born nine months later. Fast forward to 2016, we decided it was time to grow our family. We got pregnant almost right away and two weeks later, I miscarried our second angel baby. It took nearly six months of actively trying before we finally found out we were pregnant and then came our second rainbow baby, my little Toots.

With all of that being said, I was so weary of this pregnancy because it was a little unexpected and I had not mentally prepared myself for the process that could possibly come. It was so hard for me to not have those fears of hearing “I’m so sorry there’s no heartbeat,” or “it was probably an abnormal pregnancy so your body did its job,” and unless you’ve been through such heartache, you don’t really know that genuine fear. Becoming pregnant is supposed to be so exciting and full of happiness for the future, not the fear of. And to make matters worse, I had just found out my OB did not take our new insurance (insert MEGA devastation and mental breakdown here) and he didn’t want to do an ultrasound and it not be covered. So here I am, roughly five weeks pregnant, and stuck in the complete unknown until I could find and get in with a new OB.

This is where Caity at Oh Baby Ultrasound and one of my best gal pals Giovanna came in and saved the day. Gio called me early one Friday morning and asked me how much I loved her. She then proceeded to tell me that she booked me an appointment with Caity for early Sunday morning, before they opened, to confirm our babies heartbeat. I mean, what kind of friend and business owner goes out of their way for YOUR happiness, fantastic and amazing ones that’s for sure. Oh Baby has peeked in at both girls, with the most amazing 4D and HD technology, which is literally the coolest thing ever. We also did our gender reveal at Oh Baby with little Spencer. They can reveal gender as early as 14 weeks, which is much earlier than the doctor will, and you get to see your baby on their 180″ screen in a room that accommodates your entire family!

I went in first thing Sunday morning hoping for a peace of mind and I got that and so much more. Caity found our sweet little babes heartbeat right away. That beautiful “thump thump thump” sound filled the room, as did my eyes with tears and my heart with joy. A complete sigh of relief came out of my lungs and I finally, for the first time in weeks, could breathe. She even printed pictures of our tiny little bean for me to take home. Every single visit at Oh Baby has exceeded my expectations by far. Caity and the staff are absolutely wonderful and the entire experience is always so amazing and beautiful. If you are in the greater Fresno/Clovis area and are expecting, I highly, highly recommend that you take a trip to Oh Baby Fresno to peek in at your little growing miracle!