Online Ultrasound Calendar

When is the best time to get an ultrasound of my Baby?

Take a look at our guidelines below!

Weeks 10-15: Perfect time to hear your Baby's heart beat!

Weeks 15–20: Best time to see your Baby's entire body, but the face may not be visible. This is also the best time to find out the gender. Come at 17 weeks or after for the best accuracy.

Weeks 20–25: Capture the first images of your Baby's facial features! This is also the optimal time to see your baby play – i.e. your Baby moving its head, hands, arms & feet!

Weeks 25–30: **BEST TIME TO SEE YOUR BABY!** Your Baby's features are more defined & developed -- plus see how much your Baby has grown! You might get to see your Baby smile or suck its thumb in this stage :).

Weeks 30–33: Although your Baby is nearly full-grown & is too big to be captured in 1 image, your Baby can now be visualized in great detail. It's like having "close-up" session! We recommend coming in closer to 30 weeks for the best opportunity to get good image of your Baby!.

Weeks 33-40: We will happily schedule you at this time, but please be aware sessions this far along may not be as successful as earlier on in pregnancy. After 33 weeks, a limited space and low amniotic fluid help decrease the chances of capturing great images. Although we have captured beautiful images at this time, please remember all babies are different, and it is typically not recommended to schedule this far along!

Our Commitment To Offer The BEST!

  • We hire Licensed Sonagraphers and take pride in knowing that their training will provide the absolute best images for you!
  • Our brand new state of the art 2014 VOLUSON E8 is the only of its kind in the central valley!
  • Preparing for your Ultrasound

  • It is recommended that you drink about 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water daily.
  • Drink two to three 8 ounce glasses of water an hour prior to your appointment
  • Come to your appointment with a full bladder
  • If permitted, drink juice or something sweet before your appointment